10 things I want you to know before your photography session

October 31, 2018


Photography tips

Regardless of the session type you’ve signed up for – I tell all of my clients the number one most important thing to know before showing up… simply RELAX and have some fun. Try not to show up to your session overwhelmed and stressed out. My goal is to capture you right where you are, how you are! Often times, candid photos end up being the more favoured shots! Be prepared to play, act silly and step out of your comfort zone.

Every session is different, but I go by the same rules when it comes to the game. Here are 10 things I want you to know before your session with me.

1. I need your full and total trust. I know what I’m doing and I know how to make you look amazing. Every photographer works differently and will offer you a different experience, but I need you to trust my process and my judgment, even in times you might feel awkward or uncomfortable. I’ve got your back, and your best interest and I can promise you will never see an image of yourself you don’t like.

2. I am totally open to working with your ideas and helping you bring your vision to life. The more inspiration you have coming into your session, the better! If you want to leave it all up to me – amazing.

3. I get a little, well, quirky… when it comes to session time. What I mean by that, is a lot of my vision is brought to life in that exact moment rather than going into it with a fully-planned session. When I like what I see in my lens, I often surprise my clients with, “YESSSS HOLD THAT!”, or “OMG DON’T MOVE!”.

4. It’s super helpful when my clients show up about 15-minutes before their session time. I do mention it in the contract, but it helps us get comfortable with each other and allows for the time to get outfits picked out and a bit of a game plan! Plus… I provide the bubbly so we’ve gotta save some time for a cheers (or two).

5. Please be sure you have fully read the contract. I know, it’s boring, legal stuff which makes things seem weird, scary and a bit overwhelming, but it’s really important you understand how things are going to work, including why and how you are legally required to pay the rest of a session that didn’t ever happen when you canceled less than 24 hours. It’s just better for you. Trust me. Plus – it covers your butt, too!

6. As nervous as you might be to show up and get started, try to throw that out the window. I am a very laid-back, easy-going person and have been told time and time again that I make people feel at ease. Just check the testimonials. We will have a blast and you’re going to feel like a million bucks when it’s over.

7. I often delete most images taken in the first 30-45 minutes of the session. Well, usually. The magic really happens when the connection and trust is made and although that varies, it usually forms about 45 minutes in. It’s funny what happens to people when they think the camera is rolling as opposed to when they don’t. Try not to think about when I’m shooting and when I’m not, and just be in the moment.

8. You are paying for much, much more than the hour or two we spend together. It takes a lot to run a business and with running a business comes so many expenses, and that’s not accounting for the tax I have to pay for every session booked. If you’re an entrepreneur, you know. If you don’t, study up before you complain about the investment for my work and understand I charge what I charge because my time is valuable, and I know the value of my work. Your session price includes all of the photos taken in our time together that I consider professional – delivered to you in an online gallery that you can download and share as you wish. It includes the session time, the editing time, costs towards the programs I deliver your photos by and the programs used for editing, extra storage for your photos on my computer, not to mention all the business costs, subscriptions and fees, etc… the list goes on. Lastly, what a lot of people don’t think about – is taxes. 20% of everything dollar I make, I have to save for tax season. This is my business, my friends.

9. No matter how outgoing or prepared you are, it’s probably going to feel weird at the beginning. If you aren’t a model – which, by the way – 99.99% of my clients ARE REAL PEOPLE like you, it’s going to feel very unnatural at the beginning. When this happens, jump back to number 1 on this list.

10. In any situation, but most importantly THIS situation, communication is KEY. If you don’t want to do a pose I’ve suggested, no prob! Tell me no. I want you to have a great experience and come out of it feeling enlightened and wonderful. With that, I also want you to consider jumping out of your comfort zone a little bit because only good things will come from it. I’m allll about the experience. If you love something, tell me. If you hate something, tell me. If you’re running late…… TELL ME. Haha. Also, try to not do that. 🙂

How’s that for an inside scoop? If you’re thinking about a session and you’re too nervous to ask questions – stop overthinking it. Send me a message, we can get to chatting and see if it’s going to be a match 🙂

Summer sessions in 2019 are almost 50% sold out. Be sure to contact me to plan your session today!

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