At-home session with Madi & Justin – Celebrating 5 years!

October 23, 2018


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This home session was one for the books! Celebrating Madi & Justin’s 5 year anniversary, their session was shot on a cool Sunday morning. The sun was out & the coffee was hot & oh-so-good.

What started as a great friendship has shifted into a beautiful relationship. 5-years in, they were ready to celebrate themselves and their relationship & create memories that last a lifetime. Madi told me she wanted a romantic, intimate & fun session that included some of their fur-babies, and that’s exactly what they got.

“Kate is incredible! We just had Kate over for an in-home couples session and I am blown away. She is so personable and truly makes the session a breeze. My boyfriend wasn’t thrilled at the idea of a photo shoot and I can’t believe how nervous I got but Kate is so great that even my boyfriend had fun and I am so surprised at how comfortable she made us feel. The shoot flew by. Our session was fun, cozy, sexy & steamy all in one! Truly the best of all worlds. I highly recommend Kate Kozar for ANY photography needs! Best decision ever.”

Based on some of my conversations with women, I’d say of the women who don’t end up booking, 70% of the time it’s because their men are too nervous, or “pictures aren’t their thing”. 100% of the time that I talk them into it, they come out on the other end laughing and 100% of the time they tell me how much more enjoyable that actually was based on what they were expecting. It’s just a matter of talking them into it… 😉

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I usually tell the ladies, “tell them there will be booze”, and that usually makes them a little more excited. For the ones who don’t drink – it’s been said time & time again that I am a master at making people comfortable – so don’t you worry! Between your own personal playlist and just some down-to-earth conversations with each other, things always turn out to be so much fun and laid-back!

So, of course, I show up with Fireball in my bag to a house full of furry-babies with so much love to give and a full pot of fresh coffee. We chatted a bit over coffee before we got into the shoot and then took a couple of photos of them hanging out in their living room. I called them all over to the kitchen island for 1 Fireball shot before we made our way upstairs for some steamy bedroom boudoir photos that Madi had wanted. Things were going great and were light & fun!

I would have NEVER known Justin was nervous. He did so good and went with everything I was saying and asking him to do. He rocked it!!

The 2 hours went by so quickly. They usually do. You know it’s a great time when you just kind of want to stay longer for more coffee, right!?

Madi & Justin – I am so honored to have been able to contribute to making your 5-year anniversary so special, and I am SO excited to see what the future has in store for the 2 of you. Here are some of my favourites from the gallery.

PS: When I left, Justin whipped his gaming system out, which if I hadn’t already packed all my gear up, I would have liked to have fun with a couple shots of him gaming!! These are all things that make you, YOU. Just a tip – if you’re booking a couple session with me, and you two spend time gaming together, or whatever it is that you spend time doing together – let’s include that in the photos!! I will give you some great ideas and help you execute it all to look great.

Which brings me to this question… if I were to come to your home & capture you and your partner, what activities would you be doing!? I’m so curious! I love getting little glimpses into other people’s lives and being able to fuel my creativity towards it to create something magical & beautiful!! Leave it in the comments!

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