At-home couple session with Dee & Andy

October 18, 2018


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When I first chatted with Dee & Andy, I knew from the get-go that these two were going to be an absolute blast to work with. Dee was filled with so much excitement from the start, and not just for getting professional photos done, but for working with ME and seeing their world from my perspective, which is always so refreshing to hear.

When you find clients that want YOU for YOUR talent and editing style, and not just photos from anyone – those are your clients. You hang on tight’ to them and love them with everything you’ve got!

Client tips for a successful at-home couple session

Her one special request for this session was that their fur-babies are involved. Her and her Husband, Andy had eloped this past summer and didn’t get the chance to get any photos of them really in their element and with their fur-babies. I’ve got my own fur-child – so I TOTALLY get it. That was an obvious, “Are you kidding… YES! Let’s do it!”

It was Thanksgiving Monday, a beautiful afternoon. The sun finally decided to show itself after a very grey and chilly couple of days, and to top the whole thing off – it was Dee’s birthday!!! I arrived at their quaint home that they put all of their sweat, love & tears into making their own over the years, and when I walked in the door, I was greeted with the BIGGEST and most welcoming smiles & hugs from Andy and Dee, and of course, some love nips from their 3-legged dog, Jasper and some “I want all of the love and attention, please”, head-butts from their 2 cats, Gunther & Gabbi. The whole fam’ came out to play, literally.

Prior to all of my couple sessions, I send a questionnaire that I have my couples go through together and send back to me. It takes about 5 minutes, and it really helps me focus in on who they are as a couple and how I can make their session tailored to THEM and not just any couple session. Through their questionnaire, I learned that on their first date Dee had ordered a Guinness beer to drink, which blew Andy’s mind. He was sold. A woman who drinks dark beer, Guinness to boot, is a woman of his own heart! I also learned that they played an entire round of pool before finding out Dee had no idea what the stripes and solids meant on the balls LOL.

Their first date ended with some smooches in a dark, back alley by Dee’s house when Andy took her home, and the rest is history. These two clearly were made for each other, and you feel that just minutes after connecting with them. They had this light, fun & infectious connection and chemistry with each other. They made it so easy for me to talk to them, work with them and get to know them & they were down for whatever!!

Being Dee’s birthday and all and knowing their history, I showed up with a 4-pack of Guinness in hand and gave them one demand: Get to drinkin’. Cue the giggles and the flirting. We chatted about their first date, bringing back all the lovely nostalgia for the both of them, made fun of each other’s Guinness mustaches, talked about what life looks like for them then, now and in the future and then they played their favourite record and slow danced to their special song in the middle of their living room.

A time was had and new friendships were made.

To Andy & Dee – you both have a way of making everything so much more fun and light. THANK YOU for letting me into your home, your world and for trusting me to capture it for you. I can’t wait to explore our new friendship even more and sit down for our next drink together. Maybe I can teach Dee how to play pool, the right way!?

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Have you ever contemplated booking an at-home session with your significant other? Be sure to check out my post, Client tips for a successful at-home couple session“.  In the past, I have also shot boudoir in the client’s home rather than the hotel suites and those are always a nice added personal touch. For me, these home-sessions are usually up there for my favourite session type. What do you think of them?

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