The best part of getting to photograph couples? Finding all of their soft spots. Bringing all of their best memories from the past to life again + re-living them. Making brand new ones. Watching them get lost in the moment + in each other and forgetting how "unphotogenic" and "awkward" they claim to be.

Yes, it's really true. Every single couple that I have photographed has said something along the lines of "we are so awkward in front of the camera", or, "we are by far the most unphotogenic people ever". It's true 0% of the time, and one of my favourite things to show them.

I work with each + every couple to create a completely custom session. No one session is ever the same. I work with you to get all of the details I need to plan the session to a T, ensuring it screams you two and gives you both an experience where you can unwind + reconnect. There really isn't anything I'm not up for, and as long as you're ready to give me your all - I am ready to give you all I've got! 

So... are you ready to be part of the club? Are you ready to experience something that you will never forget with tangible memories to hold onto afterwards?

I'm ready for you. Let me plan your date night! This will be an adventure you guys will hold near + dear to your hearts. Get ready to break out of your "every day" and your usual routine. It's time to have a little fun, break out of your comfort zones and experience being free + wild with your favourite person.

No idea where to even start, you just know you're in...? 


let's go on a date.


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