Brittany & Derek Home Session

January 23, 2019


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Brittany & Derek are the kind of people you wish you had known for your whole life after you met them. I mean, you feel like you kind of have after just meeting them, but you wished you actually did.

Do you know anyone like that? The energy between the two of them was so infectious. Infectious enough to light up any room. They brought instant joy to any room and made me feel right at home in their own home.

I had actually used their home for a different couple shoot as it’s absolutely stunning!! After they bought it, they renovated it and meticulously designed it to turn it into this absolute dreamy, cozy haven that I never wanted to leave. I absolutely love the style of the home and how they kept the original character. Like, she even had the Chrissy Teigan cookbook perfectly propped up in the corner of the kitchen. #HOMEGOALS.

And Auz, sweet Auz. Their dog is just the best. He was so excited to be a part of the shoot, and made sure he didn’t miss any shots with them! If I didn’t see him in a shot, I knew I had .23 seconds to snap it before he came bouncing into it, which, I totally didn’t mind because he was so eager to get in there & strike a pose.

Thank you to B & D for sharing both your home & your love with me. I felt right at home.

Want a gallery of your own? If you’ve been dying for cozy home photos, all you need it natural light! You don’t need a Pinterest-worthy home, you don’t need the whole place to be furnished, or perfect. It’s about me, capturing you & your person in your safe place. Photos you can look back on 5, 10, 15 years from now and reminisce on the old days.

Head over to my contact form to inquire about your booking! Limited spots for February.

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