Brittany + Derek

January 30, 2023


Love & Relationships

An engagement

Four years ago, I connected with Brittany and Derek for the first time over fresh coffee in their little (and absolutely stunning) home that they put so much love and work into. They had booked a couples session and wanted to document some of their memories in their favourite place. It went off with a bang and the gallery turned out so beautifully.

When I got their inquiry that they had gotten ENGAGED and wanted me to document more of their story, I knew this next session would be extra special. There’s something so intimate and personal about being continuously welcomed back in to someone’s world/circle/family to document pieces of their life and it’s one of the things I hold the highest love and respect for among everything my career brings me.

We began the session at their home. Their happy place. Also happens to be MY happy place. The LIGHT in this house and the coziness and warmth that it brings me every time I create in it gives me life and ALL of the creative energy that I look for during sessions. Let’s put it this way – I usually chase the light. In this home, the light chases me. From there, we went to shoot in the incredible St. Chad’s Chapel in Regina. A place I’ve been dreaming of creating in and my God it exceeded every expectation. We explored literally every inch of the place. They loved up on their Archie at home, snuggled on their living room floor, raced barefoot on plywood floors through sun beams, got cozy in old windowsills and danced like they were the only ones in the whole building, front and centre on the stage.

B+D, THANK YOU for sharing these moments with me.