Client tips for a successful at-home couple session

October 18, 2018


Session tips

You probably know by now, but at-home couple sessions are among my absolute favourite types of sessions I offer. Mainly, because there’s just something about being at home and in your “safe place”, or “comfort zone” with your person that just simply changes the way my clients interact with me and, overall, makes for a super fun, personal and intimate gallery.

Now, your home doesn’t need to be considered Pinterest-worthy in order for your at-home session to look great, and there really isn’t a home too-small (my 1st at-home session was shot in a 650 sqft. home!!!), but there are some factors to put into play for making sure your home is the right fit, as well as certain things to think about after you’ve booked!

Here are 5 tips to follow before you book, or leading up to your at-home session!

  • Lighting is everything when it comes to photography, especially since I’m a natural light photographer. I very rarely have used my flash, in fact, I really have only ever used it for my Real Estate shoots. Your home will need to have a decent amount of natural light. Make sure you’ve got ALL of your blinds/curtains wide open and ready, letting all of that gorgeous natural light in for when I arrive. When a client books an at-home session with me, I ask them to pay attention during a weekend or a day where they’re spending most of their day at home and I have them see when it is exactly they get the best lighting. This always varies depending on windows, home lighting and the direction your home is facing. We always schedule the session around the time where the lighting is at its best!

  • A common question I’m asked is, “Do I need to stage my house or do anything special to it?.” Here’s the thing – I can bring all of the love and connection out of you and your partner, but if your house is a cluttered mess… it’s going to show. You definitely don’t need to go out and purchase items to decorate, but the more you clean up and prepare for your place to be photographed – the better the photos will look! Some tips would be to add some fresh flowers to your dining room table, light some candles throughout your home, make sure appliances are wiped down & the windows have been cleaned, remove all of the bills and papers from your fridge, etc… little things like this do show in photos and make a huge difference.


  • I have loved music since I can remember and I’m a huge advocate of just dancing it out. Meredith Grey style. So, music during a session is a MUST. It’s what keeps my creativity flowing and my nerves away. Yes, even I get nervous before a session!! If you don’t have a playlist going, I’ll be sure to whip mine out.


  • Snapping photos of your home isn’t the purpose of this shoot. Capturing memories of YOU in your home, is. Think of a fun activity we can do with our time! When was the last time you baked cookies or a cake!? Not into sweets? How about making a pizza from scratch!? Let’s cook over some of your favourite drinks!? Do you & your hubby game-out?? Think about what you two spend the most time doing at home together, and let’s have some fun with it!!

  • What do you wear? Since you’re at home – we can play around with this. I always suggest 2 different outfits. For the at-home sessions, easily slip into your favourite PJ’s, throw on your partner’s baggy shirt, pick out your favourite lingerie if you wanted to take some steamy bedroom photos and then have a comfy casual outfit ready to go! Jeans and a cozy cardigan are a common combo!


You really don’t need to overthink things with these sessions. It’s very much a lifestyle session, so I essentially just come on over and hang out with you two… oh, and I bring my camera along. I come loaded with prompts and fun ideas to make it as personal as it can be!

Here’s what some of my clients have said in the past about their home-sessions:

“It felt like we had known you for years. In all our ridiculousness, we could just be us. I loved that smooching and canoodling was encouraged! We both wished we had done this sooner. It all felt so natural and we LOVED how we all just shot the shit and had a good time. You brought us closer together and made all of the little details the big things. You embraced our crazy fur-family and made them such a special part of the shoot. You were able to translate just hanging out and getting to know us as a couple into pure magic! This session was everything we could have imagined and more!”
– Dee & Andy

“Kate is incredible! We just had Kate over for an in-home couples session and I am blown away. She is so personable and truly makes the session a breeze. My boyfriend wasn’t thrilled at the idea of a photo shoot and I can’t believe how nervous I got but Kate is so great that even my boyfriend had fun and I am so surprised at how comfortable she made us feel. The shoot flew by. Our session was fun, cozy, sexy & steamy all in one! Truly the best of all worlds. I highly recommend Kate Kozar for ANY photography needs! Best decision ever.”
– Madi & Justin

“Just had an amazing couples boudoir session with Kate!! The perfect combination of professional and fun and I don’t think we could have felt more comfortable with her. This girl knows what she is doing and I highly recommend getting in with her while you can! Loved our session with you girl and we are so so so excited to see the rest of the photos. We are DYING over the ones we have already seen. Thank you SO much!”
-Amanda & Ryan

Here are a couple shots from my very first home-session with Matt & Sara – a favourite gallery to many!

Still have some burning questions about my home-sessions? Leave them in the comments below and I will be sure to answer any questions you’re left with.

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