Elopements: let’s do it *our way.

September 12, 2021


Photography tips

So… we’re breaking the big wedding tradition + doing our own thing?

Whether that means traveling the world and adventuring together on an epic hike in the mountains or a small bungalow on the beach to commit your lives to each other, I’m ready to capture it. If you want to do it, I’m here for it, and I want to tell the story of your adventure. This is for celebrations of 20 people and under.

When I close my eyes and think of the word “elopement” or the thought of eloping: I picture freedom. Your perfect wedding day should be a special representation of you two and the abundance of love you have for one another. I’m the lucky lady that gets to document it all and storytell with you!

I promise you, you can have this adventure elopement you’ve always dreamed of no matter where you’re located. I want to create a one of a kind unique experience with you… the real you (yes, i’m talking: unapologetically burping, laugh so hard we all snort, fart, and pee a little at the same time, to even beautifully ugly crying as you exchange those beautiful vows) real you! You bet your sweet ass I’m documenting it all and participating in all the fun! 

All you have to do is believe in your vision, trust in me, and I’ll handle the rest!

I’ve been honored to document so many love stories and let me tell you — every single one is so unique, real, passionate, and intimate in it’s own way. With my unique expertise approach, I will literally help you plan the most authentic elopement or adventure that speaks to you. 

I’ll spend hours finding all the hidden gems for you. Text me at 10:32pm as I have my pre-midnight snack to look at dress options with you. I’ll give you my jacket off my back to warm you up in between photos so you can stay warm and look dapper than ever. 

The experience

Think of me more as your best friend, third wheeling with you on a date, capturing the in between moments and the TRULY candid moments that you dream about having to remember in this season of life. I will not tell you to hold still and smile. I won’t tell you to smile at all actually. I only want you to smile if you’re feeling it. If it’s truly the emotion you’re feeling in that moment. And fear not – I have some tricks up my sleeve to make sure you guys are well prepared and ready to love on each other when we take photos!

One thing that I’ve begun to love most about this career of mine is getting to capture intimacy in all forms – physically and emotionally. Vulnerability is something that will come naturally in this process with me. I want to capture your tears, your laughs, your wind-swept moments, your epic moments, your close moments. They are all there, and can come out in a shoot together if we let it happen.

If you’re thinking the only way to get married is to have a big wedding and inviting all the people, then I’m here to tell you otherwise. If that’s not what you want, or what you think is right for you and your person, then HEAR ME OUT: There are other ways to do it! Consider opting outside for something smaller. More intimate. Let’s get those emotions running with a beautiful view, and the people that mean most to you. Take back your day and do what means the most to you and your love story.

Are you ready for this?

Let’s talk numbers.

My advice? Planning your budget for photos can be scary – it’s a lot to fork over. BUT don’t forget – these photos that you’re investing in will last LONGER than anything else you pour your money into. And there is a reason behind every price I ask – as a business owner with expenses and based on demand, this is how my pricing is structured. So, make sure you’re making the absolute right choice for YOU, and don’t let numbers scare you away from that if that is the ONLY thing preventing you from getting the photographer you want (which I hope is ME!! But I’m getting ahead of myself.).

My Elopement packages start at $2,850.00.

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