Farm Adventure Session with Ryan & Lauren

October 18, 2018


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When it came to Lauren and Ryan’s session – there were SO many things that were just pulling at my heartstrings leading up to it that made me that much more pumped about my upcoming session with them.

First off – I’ll give you a bit of backstory about these two lovebirds. They first met in January 2015. January 8, to be exact. Exactly one week after Lauren moved to Canada from Scotland for her exchange semester at the University of Regina. They met at a bar and hit it off with each other right away. Little did they know, they’d be “stuck” in almost all of the same classes for the remaining 8 months of the semester!

After an official first date at a local pub listening to live music and drinking cold beer (dream date), about a month later, on an evening in February, Ryan invited Lauren to come for supper with his two sisters and their boyfriends. What he failed to tell her was that the dinner was for his birthday, whiiiich if you ask me, essentially makes things official. Who brings a “friend” to a birthday dinner with his family?? Am I right or am I right?

That night, Lauren said was when things really became official for them.

Months went by and the semester was coming to an end. This is when reality hit. Lauren had to go back to Scotland and there was nothing they could do about it. They had to say goodbye after 8 incredible months together.

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Lauren returned to Scotland to finish the rest of her degree. She admits things got rough when your partner lives in a different country. Admittedly, there were times they weren’t sure they would make it.

She graduated in Scotland in July 2016 and knew what she had to do. 

Just one week after she graduated, she booked a 1-way plane ticket back to Ryan. Two wonderful years later, Ryan proposed to Lauren at a backyard bonfire party with all of their friends there to witness it. He even thought to have someone video record the whole thing! In her words, they’ve been “happily living & loving ever since”.

Shooting out at Ryan’s farm meant absolutely everything to the both of them. They ended up booking my Adventure Session which gives us more time to, well, adventure, which was perfect!! I was moved to tears after learning why it meant so much to them that I was able to travel out to their special spot. Mostly, because I’m a TOTAL sap who has a major soft spot when people share their heart, but also because it was the sweetest thing I’ve read in a long time.

“Ryan has always been involved with the farm since he was a little boy! His parents and grandparents lived in their family home in the past, and it now belongs to Ryan’s parents. It’s really a special place as I am close with Ryan’s family and we spend a lot of time at the farm. Almost every weekend! My whole family lives in Scotland, so from the first moment I met the Herman’s, they were so welcoming to me and treated me as their third daughter. (Ryan has twin sisters). His Dad looks out for me, helps me with my finances, my vehicle, advice… all the things my Dad can’t do being so far away. I never really understood the vibe of Regina and Saskatchewan when I first got here and driving out to the farm for the first time… I totally got it. The country music, the laidback lifestyle, the casual demeanor of every person I met. Coming from a big city, the farm was really what made it feel like home for me.”

I enjoyed every moment of our session and our time spent together. Thank you, as always, to Ryan & Lauren for giving me a glimpse into their world.

If you had an adventure session with me… what would we be doing together!? I love hearing about all of the fun ideas, special places & traditions. Leave a comment & let me know!

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