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July 24, 2020


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What a journey I’ve had with so many of you, lovers!! I’ve been honoured to storytell so many different love stories and let me tell you— every single one is so unique, real, passionate, and so special to every single one of my couples. With my unique artistic approach, I will literally help you plan the most intimate and adventurous date night that speaks to YOU.

Whether you have not one creative bone in your body and have no idea what you’d do for your session, you just know you’re in for the adventure… I’m here for it and I’m here for YOU. From beginning to end. I will spend hours finding all the hidden gems for you. Asking the right questions to get the information I need to make this experience as intimate and natural as laid-back as possible. I am here to think of all things outside of the box for our time together creating. Allow me to find creative ways to document your story and give you an experience with tangible memories.

This is so much more than a photo session. This is one hell of an experience. Time to connect. Time to explore. To love. To get outside of your comfort zones together. To reflect on amazing memories and create new ones.

you’re reading this because you want different. you deserve different. you crave authenticity… just like i do.

So let’s get into it. Let’s get to the details. 

Before anything, we need to talk! Let’s get those awkward hellos out of the way so we can get to planning the best day ever! I love being able to just have an open conversation right off the hop. Hold nothing back and lay it on me. Your time is valuable to me. I treasure it like I treasure my black coffee every morning. And that’s a big deal.

My point is… I believe and trust in your story because you do the same with mine. Your story is sacred to me. So, don’t be surprised if I get all weepy eyed from time to time. Once I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to both of you and hearing all of your ideas, locations, thoughts — I will literally create your very own adventure date night.

Let’s plan your adventure!

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