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First and foremost, I am a storyteller. Over time, I've realized that I not only have a knack for taking quality photographs, but I also have a natural talent to connect with people in ways that allow them to feel comfortable and natural. Each photo becomes a literal piece of art. Emotion. Capturing love, tears, laughter, joy and friendship is key to the success of my work. I love catching people during these pinnacles of emotion. Those split second moments that are priceless.


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To view the different options for the above packages, please fill out my contact form. Once I receive your email, I will send you the brochure based on your inquiry and we can go from there.

Bookings are all based on a first come, first served basis. To confirm your session in my schedule, a 50% deposit is required, as well as a signed contract. The remaining balance is due no later than the day before your session date.

Payment is accepted via E-transfer or credit card.

Three years ago I was sitting behind a desk curious about photography. One day, I bought a camera and taught myself everything I know. Since then, I've built a sustainable and successful photography business which I've been able to call my full time job for the last year.

I have made so many beautiful connections & memories with complete strangers, who soon became great friends. I have learned an incredible amount about myself and continue to every day, which I love. 

All of these are just the small reasons I am so excited that you're here, considering in investing in yourself and your goals in 2020. If I'm able to help you get one step closer to reaching your goals and achieving your dreams I'm so there for it!! 

Through these packages, I'm welcoming you into my world. I want to tell you about my inspiration, my motivation, and help you find more confidence behind your camera and/or business.

Let's sit down together with our computers, cameras and coffees. Just you & I! We can go over anything from editing, shooting, business, motivation, etc. This is an 'Ask me anything' type of session and all of my cards are on the table. I'm holding nothing back! 

Just a few topics regularly covered:

Marketing / Getting Ideal Clients

Client Interaction

Posing / Getting Clients Comfortable


Editing Workflow / Tips and Tricks

Learning how to shoot in manual & DSLR basics

Come and shoot with me and work with real people! You will tag along throughout a set-up session with me working with real people and will have the opportunity to second shoot/see how I work. After the session, let's head to a coffee shop and edit some of the photos together so you can see my workflow and we can go over some editing tips. This session is about 4-5 hours & loaded with information and an experience you'll be reflecting on for years to come.

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I decided a while ago that I didn’t want my own studio. For many reasons: to push my creativity and to explore new places. There’s something to be said about showing up to a client’s home, or a location that strikes a chord on their heart strings or fuels them with nostalgia. Capturing them in their true comfort, sometimes even the beautiful but unpleasant discomfort.

My sessions are completely tailored to YOU, and I work with you to make sure I am telling your story from my creative perspective. 

Don’t think of your session as a photoshoot, think of it as an experience. My goal is to give you an escape from the every day routine. A chance to reconnect, whether that's with yourself or with your person. An experience you won't soon forget.  

My clients seem to quickly become my friends, and the session then becomes a a few hours of laughter & connection. I will direct you the entire time and walk you through the session until you're dancing through it on your own.

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Autumn, Boudoir Session

"Honestly I couldn’t have asked for a better day, Kate made me feel so comfortable and sexy for my boudoir shoot that it was so easy to pose I didn’t want it to end! Very very talented photographer and when i get engaged I’m for sure going to book her for my wedding!"

Justin & Danae, Maternity Boudoir Session

"Thank you for capturing the chemistry that my husband and I have. We don’t often show that publicly so it's nice to have some photos of that! From day 1 when you agreed to shoot us at 38 weeks pregnant, we felt very lucky that you were so accommodating. Your bubbly personality kept me comfortable which made the session very enjoyable. The pictures look serious but the environment was super fun and light! Intimate photos are intimidating and you made it very enjoyable. It wasn't just a cookie cutter session, it was unique to us."

Melinda & Tanner, Maternity/Family

"This will be my last baby, so I really wanted to do some family/maternity photos. WHEN I received the photos today, I almost cried - they were so beautiful! It really captured the love our family has for each other."

Britt & Derek, Home Session

"You have a contagious personality and make a nervous and shy experience feel easy and fun. You exceeded our expectations - we felt so comfortable with you and the photos are amazing! It was so helpful that you guided us through the process. We are not models and definitely needed the extra push!"


"You're our girl now. I wouldn't want to leave our moments in anyone else's hands. You made us feel super comfortable by giving us very direct instructions - it was such a relief! Your vision was so important & I love the way you reach for it"

Megan & Kurt, Couple Session

"Kate is such a fun and passionate person when it comes to photography. she made us feel like we’ve known her for a long time. We had a blast doing photos with her. She kept the photos exciting and used multiple locations to get the perfect shot. We recommend Kate 100%"

Megan & Justin, Couple Session

"It was such a different photo shoot from any of the other ones we’ve ever done! The fact that Kate takes the time to learn about her clients ahead of time and then remembers those details and asks us about them at the shoot was very professional and definitely sets her apart! Getting to know your clients on a personal level is amazing and so appreciated! She has an ability to just make you feel as comfortable as possible right from the moment you meet! I love that she’s a hugger! Kate’s work is beautiful, her turnaround time is exceptional and she’s just an all around wonderful person to be around!"

Sabrina, Boudoir

"I wouldn’t have wanted to step out of my comfort zone with any other photographer! It was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. Shooting boudoir is nerve wracking, but Kate made it a relaxed and safe environment. I loved how she made me feel so amazing in every shot we were taking! Kate complimented me, helped me with posing, made me laugh and have fun while shooting. I loved how easy it is to get along with her and just have a good time!"

Nadine & Tyler, Couple Session

"Our session was laid back, comfortable and an overall fun experience. Kate’s explanations, use of touch, and personality made everything feel so comfortable. She helped us come out of our shells and delivered an experience that we never thought was possible! We enjoyed every minute of it and she captured the most amazing photos that we can’t wait to share with our friends and family. Kate is beyond amazing at what she does and would hands down use her again in the future!"

Chenelle, Boudoir

"This session was so much fun. Kate was very helpful and helped add some more confidence during the shoot. I loved the variety of poses and ideas she had. She gave me a lot of guidance which helped me feel relaxed and comfortable - I would do it again in a heartbeat. She was fun, very descriptive of how to pose (I also liked how she would show me what to do), and the photos I received back were AMAZING! I was very happy with them all. Thank you so much. Kate made me feel beautiful and sexy, and gave me back some confidence I was missing."

Brianna & Bryce, Couple Session

"A fun, lighthearted, romantic, amazing experience! I don't think there are any words to truly describe the experience Kate makes sure her clients have. Aside from getting ENGAGED, I will always remember how beautiful Kate made me feel and how she captured the love Bryce & I have for each other. She was constantly making us laugh, was hands on so we never had to worry if something wasn’t right. From the hair fluffing, prompts, finding the perfect little place for photos - we just got to have fun without worrying about anything." 

Shala, Boudoir Session

"I’ve struggled with self image and Kate showed me through the
photos she captured that I can love myself too. She made me feel beautiful, sexy, and confident.  I was skeptical going into the shoot but Kate captured all angles perfectly. She finds the beauty in every person inside and out! I know my future hubby will be thanking her too!"

Cheryl, Boudoir

"My session with Kate was awesome. Such easy conversation. Her overall demeanour made the entire session comfortable. I appreciated her special attention to detail but yet just a cozy, casual feel throughout the afternoon. I felt confident and sexy and felt like I had the best girls afternoon with someone I just met."

Ryan & Amanda, Couples Boudoir

"We will remember how comfortable Kate made us feel and the goofy, intimate moments she created for us. Our favourite part was just how cute she made the hotel suite for us – all the little touches! She took the time to get to know us and IT FELT LIKE WE HAD KNOWN HER FOR YEARS. She kept things classy and sexy all at the same time."

Paige, Boudoir Session

"Kate is My new favorite human! She instantly put me at ease with her sweet and fun personality, and made me look & feel like a million bucks. I am so impressed by how classy (but still sexy) my photos turned out. If you are looking for a photographer, Kate is definitely your girl!"

Trinette, Boudoir Session

"I was very nervous at my boudoir session, as I’m sure most people are, but Kate immediately made me feel comfortable. I loved that she took the time to get to know me. A bit of bubbly helped too, of course!"

Madi & Justin, Couples Session

"Kate is so personable and truly makes the session a breeze. I can’t believe how nervous I got but Kate is so great that even my boyfriend had fun and I am so surprised at how comfortable she made us feel. The shoot flew by. Our session was fun, cozy, sexy & steamy all in one! Truly the best of all worlds."

Dee & Andy, Couples Session

"You embraced our crazy fur-family and made them such a special part of the shoot. You were able to translate just hanging out and getting to know us as a couple into pure magic! This session was everything we could have imagined and more!"

Dee & Andy, Couples Session

"It felt like we had known you for years. In all our ridiculousness, we could just be us. I loved that smooching and canoodling was encouraged! We both wished we had done this sooner. It all felt so natural and we LOVED how we all just shot the shit and had a good time."

Jess & Wyatt, Couples Session

"You were so friendly & personable throughout the whole process. You really got to know us and went above and beyond to make sure the session was perfect for us. your overall demeanour and personality that made us feel so comfortable.  the photos you captured are absolutely beautiful!"

Frequently asked Questions

My best advice: Just relax. I know, much easier said than done, but within 20 minutes of the session, we’re going to be laughing and finding yourself lost in the moments. I capture the natural interactions that you probably aren’t even aware how beautiful they are until you see them through my perspective. It’s not just shoot, shoot, shoot when you show up, we have a good time and we spend some quality time together! All of my clients receive some questionnaires from me leading up to the session and that is how I get to learn a little bit about your personality and the type of session you’re looking for. 

What is the best way to prepare for a session with you? How do you make things so intimate?

Yes, with limitations.​ All clients must sign a model release. This is my art work, which I want to share with the world. Not only is it my art work, it's my profession. You likely wouldn't be looking at booking your session with me if you couldn't see photos before hand, so understand that is how I gain new clients, grow my business and get to continue to do what I love for a living. With that being said, your session is YOUR session. These photos are for YOU. I am open to making exceptions in certain situations, please just discuss your wishes with me prior + we can work an agreement into the contract. . 


Yes, for all final images I do full edits before they get posted in your online album or shared on social media. Although I always find the original version of my clients much more raw & beautiful, I will retouch any stretch mark or blemish, unwanted scar or wrinkles, etc. that is asked of me​. However, if you want extensive retouching done on your images — such as making your arms (or any other body parts) “skinnier”, I might not be the photographer for you! I am here to embrace you for ALL you are, AS you are.



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