Love letters with Matt & Amy

February 3, 2019


About the session, Love & Relationships

This session is one of my favourites to date. Not only did we get some great shots, this experience was one I’ll never forget! I tried something new for the first time with a couple and the turn out was incredible. I mean, that’s my opinion. You can decide for yourself.

Amy had been following my photography journey via Instagram for some time. She had always interacted with me on certain photos, posts & life updates, so when she messaged me about a session of her own, I was so excited to meet her and help her bring a vision to life.

She told me a bit about herself, and why her and her Husband were wanting to book a session. They have been together for 13 years, married for 10. They have 2 kids – a beautiful daughter who loves to dance & is a spitting image of her Daddy, and Austin, their youngest Autistic son who has a love for hockey and by the sounds of it… quite the charming & quirky personality! I wished so badly I could meet the kids, but this one was for Mom & Dad.

They were desperate for some uninterrupted time to connect & give each other their love & attention. They’ve each come from a more difficult walk of life, eventually leading to each other. Before the session, I asked them to each write a letter to each other. About a 1-2 minute read. I told them to tell their partner how they’ve changed their life. They didn’t know that they were each asked to write one as I contacted them separately prior to the session. It was a sweet surprise, which lead to this moment.

It was a super intimate, special moment. I’m so honoured they invited me into it, and to share it with all of you!

Getting interactive with my couples and exploring the relationship has been the best way to bring out the real emotion, instead of trying to create it every shot. You just let them do their thing & you do yours.

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