Outdoor couple session with Jess & Wyatt

October 26, 2018


About the session, Love & Relationships

I don’t even know where to begin with these 2. They were so genuinely fun & light to be around, and their admiration for each other was so refreshing and inspiring to see. They made each other laugh so much throughout the session, I didn’t even need to whip out my ridiculous prompts to get them going!

They showed up to the session nervous, as most do, but they quickly became comfortable and seemed right at home with each other and their true characters really popped out about 20 minutes in. It was clear as day just how excited they were to just be there, doing what we were doing with each other, which made things so much fun for me to be able to help provide a new experience for them.

The session was initially scheduled for a day closer to Wyatt’s birthday, however, it landed on a day filled with grey-skies and rain. They told me from the get-go that they really wanted that gorgeous fall outdoor shoot with the warm light as opposed to, well, a cold, grey & rainy day. I don’t blame em’. So that’s what we did. Of course, you can’t predict what the weather was going to be like the following week, but it called for 10 degrees & sunshine, so, thank the Gods… it all worked out. We got our sunset shot with that magic, golden light that they had hoped for!!

I did bring a little Fireball to warm things up for us throughout the session. Jess & I enjoyed it. Wyatt, on the other hand… well, he had a lot of fun with Fireball the previous weekend for his birthday so that just wasn’t going to happen for him that day haha. More for the ladies!

Although the session may have begun around 10 degrees, it sure as hell didn’t end that way. I had previously scoped our location out and had 4 prime spots picked out where we would do most of our shots, and by the time we made it around to the final spot… we were cold as hell. Our fingers went numb and poor Wyatt… I think I said to him at one point, “Dude… you look like you’re in pain.” Lol. As I made him wrap the blanket around Jess for the shot 😉

Between almost falling in the lake after slipping on god-knows-what to get those dock photos, wiping snot from Jess’s nose – with my bare finger (no time – had to get the shot!) just before it was about to drip onto Wyatt’s cheek (it was seriously cold!!), wearing the wrong boots and getting all the blisters from walking around, oh, and almost getting mobbed with my gear when I was scoping spots earlier that day… this session was one to remember and a fun reminder as to why I do what I do. To PUSH myself and other people out of their comfort zones, learn to connect with all sorts of people and have the opportunity to tell other people’s stories from my own perspective.

SO much fun in just a short amount of time. Can’t WAIT to do it again soon. Here are some of my favourites!

Which is your favourite from this gallery?? Let me know in the comments.

Just a reminder… if you’ve been contemplating a session with me… get in touch!! Spots for 2018 are 95% sold out and I am already taking bookings into 2019.


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