Rayna & Scotty – Couples Boudoir

December 18, 2018


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Each time I shoot a couples boudoir session, I leave thinking it’s FOR SURE going to be my new favourite gallery. I’m always right. This one, was and still may have a piece in my heart as my favourite yet.

Rayna & Scotty are two of the sweetest people you could find and pair together. Scotty, calm, low-key and completely head over heels for his woman, and Rayna just radiated love in every possible way. You looked at her, and you saw the love and the joy in her eyes. You spoke with her, she spoke only about love and the light in her life. It was so refreshing.

Knowing the couple’s story before the session always plays a huge role in pulling off total success, and that’s where the pre-questionnaires really are helpful for me. It helps me understand how I am going to work with them, why they’re doing this photoshoot, how I can make this session the absolute BEST it can be for them, and I’m all about keeping things super personal to them and their story. The little touches. For these two, they have been rocking a long distance relationship, so having them together and CHOOSING to spend their time with me, my main focus of the session was to bring them as close as possible and give them s l o w moments they can remember when they’re apart. Pics, or it didn’t happen, right…? 😉

I focus on using prompts that keep them engaged with each other and prompts that keep them moving and keep things fun! I like to start these sessions loosening up a bit together and chatting up a storm to make things more comfortable. CUE THE BUBBLY. Once we pop the bubbly, I always like to cheers and toast to stepping out of your comfort zones with me and sharing such an intimate part of your life. Today, I’m sharing the highlights of everything that happened at my session with Rayna & Scotty after that.

I hope you loved this one as much as I did!! If you are wanting to book your own Couples Boudoir session but haven’t… I’m banking it’s for one of two reasons: You can’t convince your partner OR the thought of actually doing it makes you want to puke all of the place and fills your entire body with nerves. Maybe both?

Yeah, that’s what Scotty & Rayna said, too. That’s how they felt, too. The second you walk into our private suite, you will know immediately you are in good hands. I got you. I direct you both the ENTIRE time and laugh with you, not at you. Don’t worry… “sexy” isn’t everyone’s thing. I will help you execute this! 100% of the time my couples have thoroughly enjoyed every second of their time with me! Just go check the reviews on my Facebook or throughout my website! I highly encourage you to contact me, bite the bullet and book your session. You will not regret it.

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