Self-love: Why it’s so important

January 20, 2019


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Monday. The worlds way of telling us, “here, take this you little bitch.”
But really, it’s what you make of it. Which is why I’m suggesting you make it a good one. Opportunities are knocking and you never know what will happen. Put yourself out there and see what the world gives you in return.
I wanted to keep this post short and sweet and leave you with a challenge going into a brand new week to focus on self-love. In the midst of working, taking care of your kids, cleaning up after your kids (or spouse), doing laundry, picking up that extra shift, studying your ass off, paying bills, driving your little people all over the place, working out or meal prepping – for goodness sake… please STOP and smell the roses and take a minute to do something for YOU.
If you’ve already convinced yourself that you just don’t have the time for it, I encourage you to reconsider and can almost guarantee you that you could probably find (or reserve) at least 10 minutes a day to do something for you. It may not sound like a lot – but if 10 minutes is literally all you can spare in a day to give yourself some love – it will be the best 10 minutes of your day, every day.
Life can get busy, I get that… it’s reality and things can become very stressful at times. But I mean… to tell me that you do not have that time for yourself – you need to make some adjustments! YOU are important, and YOU should be a big priority in your life. YOU need to come before many things in order to be the best Mom, Wife, Employee, whatever it is you’re trying to be your best you for – even if that is JUST you, because how can you continue to be the best Mom, Wife, Employee if you’re riding on empty?
If you have a partner in your life, ask them for some help. There is nothing wrong with asking for help. If you are one of those people who think that asking for help is a sign of weakness, figure out how to toss that idea out the window because life will forever be hard if that’s how you live it. If you don’t have a partner, talk to some friends or family. Look to whoever it is in your life that you call your people. If they really truly love you, respect you, support you; they will do what they can to step up and help you out.
So please, this week… do something for you.
Turn on your favourite music and have a long bubble bath using your favourite bath bubbles. Stop worrying about the time and soak. it. all. in.
Ask your partner to take care of supper for the night.
Get some fresh air and go for a walk to reset your mind. Take your dog, your best friend, your Husband… or just stick with yourself. There’s nothing wrong with that!
Book a massage. You deserve it.
Take the day off of work (If you’re able to – personal days are important).
Treat yourself to that movie that you’ve been wanting to see for a while.
Book that treatment you’ve been eyeing up at that Spa.
Get yo’ freakin’ hair did.
Say ‘No’ to something you really don’t want to do but usually end up doing for others.
Or, if you’re the more simple type – one of my favourite “I’m doing me right now” things is to rush home after work, hop into my PJ’s and into my bed by 6:30 p.m (hey now… I have no kiddies… that’s fair) and binge watch all of my favourite movies while eating a Reese’s blizzard from DQ for dinner.  I don’t care that it’s Tuesday and I don’t care about those calories. They just don’t matter sometimes (or most of the time).
Whatever it is that you end up doing, just make sure it’s something that leaves you feeling good and connects you a little bit closer to you, because that’s easy to get a little foggy sometimes.
Have an awesome week, and remember it is what you make of it.

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